Get expert access and inclusion help for your arts and culture projects

Published: 28 Aug 2020

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the arts and culture sector has been profound, but as more and more sites reopen and arts organisations of all sizes adjust to the new normal, CAE are on hand to ensure that there’s no compromise on access and inclusivity for all.

Our access consultants can help at all stages of a project, from conception through to planning, construction and post-completion audits. Their strategic input can help you ensure that access is integral to your offer, ensuring that you can continue to reach the widest possible audience and find the best covid-safe, accessible solution for your venue or activity.

A CAE design appraisal and access audit will help you to make your venue more accessible to a diverse range of staff, visitors and performers. An access audit for example, can support your organisation’s application for funding from sources such as the Art Council’s National Lottery Project Grant (detailed below). Every organisation is unique, so please contact us to discuss your project’s requirements. You can contact us via our website here.

New Covid-19 recovery funding support for cultural and heritage sector

The Covid-19 lockdown period has challenged the sustainability of many organisations across the UK. Last month, the UK Government announced help a new rescue package, pledging a £1.57 billion to support Britain’s globally renowned arts, culture and heritage industries. The fund is intended to benefit thousands of organisations across a range of sectors including museums, galleries, historic palaces via emergency grants and loans.

This money represents the biggest one-off investment the Government has ever made in UK culture. The announcement was welcomed by people across the UK’s cultural and heritage institutions, including all of us at CAE. Having worked with many of these institutions, and knowing the sector’s positive commitment to access and inclusion we’re really glad that they have a greater chance of survival in our post Covid-19 environment. You can read more about the funding package on the website.

Support from Arts Council

The Arts Council has also reopened its National Lottery Project Grants, making £75 million available to individuals, community and cultural organisations to support their projects. The funding is available until March 2021 and they have made a number of changes to the grant funding to make it more flexible in our post-Covid world. You can find out more about the Arts Council’s project grant here.