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Accessible Housing: Category 3 – Wheelchair User Dwellings

The aim of this course is to understand the principal changes in wheelchair accessible housing standards.

In October 2015, the revised Part M to the Building Regulations came into force. Volume I relates to the new housing standards, Categories 1 to 3. This training course gives delegates the opportunity to explore Category 3: Wheelchair user dwellings.

The course is aimed at designers, building control officers, planners, developers and housing providers who need to fully understand the technical differences in standards, key criteria and when they apply.

The programme has an interactive workshop format, with opportunities to pose questions about accessible housing criteria.  Delegates will take part in practical exercises, helping them to gain a comprehensive understanding of the new standards and their application for all housing sizes and types.

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Accessible Housing: 90 Minute CPD Workshop

In response to industry demand, CAE have produced a 90 minute Housing Standards Workshop, aimed at a professional audience including access professionals, architects, planners, developers, building control officers and housing providers. This workshop has been designed to give a clear overview of the new guidance and the application thereof. Key criteria for each Category are highlighted, with a focus on Category 2, which is the nearest technical equivalent to the Lifetime Homes Standard.

Approved Document M (ADM) Volume 1 relates to the new accessible housing standards, Categories 1 to 3, namely:

  • M4(1) Category 1: Visitable dwellings
  • M4(2) Category 2: Accessible and adaptable dwellings
  • M4(3) Category 3: Wheelchair user dwellings

The 90 minute workshop will provide a solid foundation for anyone working with the new standards and is an ideal introduction to the more detailed CAE 1-day course on Accessible Housing: Category 3 Wheelchair User Dwellings.

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Access auditing and the Equality Act

Two day course

This course covers the following areas:

  • Access awareness.
  • Design guidance.
  • The Equality Act 2010.
  • Access auditing.
  • Design appraisals.
  • Access strategies.

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Accessible Pedestrian Environments for People with Sight Loss

One day course

This one day course is aimed at enabling participants to recognise the key factors required in an accessible pedestrian environment for people with sight loss. On completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Describe the main eye conditions and how these impact on perception and use of the pedestrian environment
  • Understand the techniques blind and partially sighted people use to move around the pedestrian environment
  • Identify the design features required to enable the independent mobility of people with sight loss and their impact on other disabled people
  • Specify good practice in the design, layout and management of external environments
  • Appreciate the context provided by the main legislation and standards that determine the design, planning and management of the pedestrian environment.

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Designing for dementia

The course provides delegates with an all-round perspective on dementia and designing a supportive environment.

This content is tailored to the needs of anyone responsible for people designing, accessing and using buildings.  It is ideal for architects, developers as well as healthcare professionals as it blends awareness training with building design and management.

The day includes practical sessions, including case studies and design reviews.

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Housing Standards

One day course

In recognition of the need for a more technical understanding of accessible housing guidance, Habinteg and CAE have produced a new one-day training course, aimed at a professional audience including architects, planners, developers and Registered Social Landlord development staff.

This will cover all aspects of the subject, including:

  • Current accessible housing guidance.
  • Interpretation and compliance.
  • Comparisons between accessible housing guidance and Part M.
  • Best practice and additional guidance.

The one-day course will offer opportunities to pose questions about accessible housing guidance and delegates will be invited to take part in practical exercises, helping to gain an in-depth understanding of the design criteria and application.

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IOSH Access and inclusion – Design and Management of the Built Environment

One day course

This course is tailored to the needs of the facilities and estates manager – blending practical awareness training with facilities management issues, management policies and procedures and universal design considerations

The course provides a holistic approach to accessibility – giving delegates an all-round perspective on “DDA” (now Equality Act) requirements.

The day includes plenty of workshop participation and practical sessions, including a brief audit of the venue for safety, fire and accessibility issues.  Attendees will leave with their own Action Plan to help them in their own workplace, together with lots of cost effective ideas for ways to improve the flexibility of services and facilities.

The day includes a short test giving delegates the opportunity for an IOSH accredited qualification.

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IOSH Fire safety and disability – Managing additional needs

One day workshop

This workshop focuses on the fire evacuation needs of all building occupants, with practical, hands-on experience in writing PEEPS (personal emergency evacuation plans) for people with additional needs, including a range of disabilities, pregnancy, sports injuries etc. The primary audience for this course is safety and facility/estates managers of public buildings and workplaces. Jean has completed research into assisted evacuation via stairways and is qualified in both Inclusive design and health and safety and has a facilities management background and uses this experience to help delegates balance the priorities in a range of building types.

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Lighting and inclusion

CPD workshop

This CPD workshop will cover the following areas:

  • Legislative overview.
  • Sensory impairments.
  • Wellbeing and safety needs.
  • Lighting and visual contrast.
  • External and internal spaces.
  • Products and future trends.

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Managing Accessibility in the Third Sector

One day course

This session provides information for managers and other staff in voluntary sector organisations on improving the accessibility of their services, including the built environment. The course covers:

  • Legislation.
  • Access planning.
  • Everyday improvements.
  • Funding supports available.

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Using plans and understanding access to buildings

One day workshop

This workshop will cover the following areas:

  • Plans, sections.
  • Elevations and 3D.
  • Understanding scale.
  • Architectural symbols.
  • Planning, building regulations.

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