As well as undertaking audits and providing training in auditing, CAE can supply you with some of the relevant tools.

Please note: We charge 10% postage and packing on all items for UK postage only. Please contact us for overseas orders.

Tools available to buy

Cromocon meter – colorimeter

Cromocon meterThe Cromocon meter measures the light reflectance value (LRV) of materials, text or objects accurately in seconds. Contrast is the difference between the LRV % (0 – 100) of two adjacent surfaces. It does a quick check on international paint mixes and gives references for thousands of paint colours, e.g. RAL system, CROWN, BS 4800, NCS 2 (NEW!)  colour palettes and many others.

Purchases must be made through Cromocon.

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Gradient measure

Gradient measureThe SmartTool® Digital Gradient Measure can be used to measure ramp gradients. The gradlevel is supplied with a conversion table and instructions for use.

Price: £137.50 plus VAT

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 Pesola door pressure gauge

Door pressure

The Pesola 80049 door pressure gauge is made in Switzerland from high quality non-corroding components. It can be used to measure door pressures and is recommended by the CAE technical staff.

Price: £80 plus VAT

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