Our mission, vision and values

Delivering inclusion by design

Founded in 1969, the Centre for Accessible Environments (CAE) is the UK’s leading authority on inclusive design and management. We aim to help secure environments that can be accessed, used and enjoyed by everyone – including disabled and older people – through our understanding of a wide range of user needs, such as intellectual, social, cultural, physical and sensory.

Our mission is simple – we help to deliver inclusive environments.  We do this  through consultancy, training, advice and guidance services to developers, designers, construction organisations, managers and occupiers of buildings and spaces.

With our input, design features like level thresholds, wider doorways and controls at accessible heights – features that you wouldn’t notice in a well-designed environment – will make all the difference in creating vibrant spaces in which people can circulate easily and comfortably. Similarly, the right lighting, acoustics, visual contrast, signage and technology ensure independent navigation and communication is optimised for all.

CAE has a wealth of expertise and experience enabling us to meet client needs on complex, large or small projects.  We pride ourselves on being approachable but professional.  We have excellent links with other leading support and advice organisations, and remain at the leading edge of the access and inclusive design field through our research projects and guidance publications. 

We are committed to extensive CPD for all members of our specialist team, and have considerable experience in user consultation and engagement, including preparation of easy read and tactile information when required.
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