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Training the next generation of access talent

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Pathways Academy is a 12 month training course created by the Centre for Accessible Environments to give young disabled Londoners the confidence, skills and support they need to kick start a career in inclusive design and access.

There’s a huge range of job roles linked to the access and inclusion agenda including disability awareness trainer, access auditor, local authority access officer, diversity and inclusion officer, access consultant, access and facilities manager and more.

The CAE Pathways Academy is a great starting point for any of these roles.

Since 2020, students on the Pathways Academy have been learning to improve the accessibility of our built environment, making London, and the UK as a whole, more accessible.

The course year begins in October with 2-4 days of training per month and students will attend 22 days of training over nine months, plus on the job shadowing sessions and mentoring from industry experts.

Interested in being part of the next year of Pathways in 2022/23?

The course will help provide you with a strong foundation of knowledge and skills to get you going. If you would like to find out more or be part of the next intake in 2022 then get in touch on

What you should expect to learn on the Pathways

We know that disabled people face a number of complex barriers to employment, the Pathways Academy seeks to help overcome those barriers by giving the technical knowledge you need to develop a career in inclusive design.

The course covers a different topic each month including:

  • principles of inclusive design
  • access auditing
  • website accessibility
  • design and neurodiversity
  • access design appraisals
  • accessible housing design
  • wayfinding in the internal and external environment 

We’ll also help you to develop the all-important communications skills to help you utilise your new technical knowledge, covering topics like presentation and training skills and how to write reports.

What people are saying about Pathways

“For us, making the UK more accessible for disabled people isn’t just about adding ramps or accessible toilets, it’s also removing barriers to employment.

“We’re grateful that the City Bridge Trust has chosen CAE as a partner for its Bridge to Work programme. We hope that the Pathways project will help develop the next generation of access and disability professionals who will help deliver the vision of a more inclusive environment – a key driver for City Bridge Trust and CAE.”
Fara Muneer, CAE’s Head of Business Development


“I’ve seen first-hand how impactful the Bridge to Work programme has been through my work with Whizz Kids who are a long term project partner of the scheme. For young disabled Londoners like me, it can be an anxiety fuelled journey trying to find a job.

“This is why we need more programmes that support disabled people into work. I think it’s great that CAE are not only providing disabled people with employment support, but are encouraging them into careers in inclusive design, which is a subject that effects all disabled people.”

Sam Renke, Actress and disability campaigner


To be eligible you will need to be aged between 18-30 years and living in London, alongside this you will have an interest in developing skills for a career.

How to apply for the Pathways Academy

To apply for the Pathways Academy, complete our Pathways application form.

Our funder

City Bridge Trust logoThe CAE Pathways programme is part of the City Bridge Trust’s Bridge to Work programme. The Bridge to Work programme aims to tackle the disproportionately high level of young unemployed disabled Londoners.


The City Bridge Trust invests in a range of activities to break down the barriers to employment for 16-30 year olds.

Our partners

Our partners include Mencap, Inclusion London, Action for Kids, National Autistic Society, Muscular Dystrophy UK and Whizz-Kidz.
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