Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about CAE Pathways

What is inclusive design?

Inclusive design is a design principle that places people at the heart of the design process. It’s based on the understanding that we are all different, and all have varying needs. Inclusive design seeks to reduce the barriers that can stop people from being able to access the environments or services they need (whether physically or digitally). The course will primarily focus on the physical environment, however there will be a module on digital accessibility.

How many people will be on the Pathways programme?

There are places for up to 15 participants each year.

How much does the Pathways programme cost?

The programme is free, though participants will be expected to cover their own travel costs.

Who is the programme funded by, and why does this scheme only apply to people living in London

This training programme is funded by City Bridge Trust’s Bridge to Work programme. The Bridge to Work programme provides funding to support organisations, like CAE, to narrow the employment gap for young disabled people in London. Unfortunately we are not in the position at the moment to take on people from outside of London

When does the 2021 programme start?

The Pathways programme will begin in October 2021

 Can I be on the programme if I am already in education?

It is important to think about whether you have enough time available to commit to the Pathways programme. You will be expected to commit to 22 days of training over a period of 12 months. In addition, you will also be expected to complete up to 4 work shadowing opportunities during the year. You will get a better understanding of the time commitment at the virtual taster sessions.

Can I be on the programme while employed?

You can be in part-time employment or be doing voluntary work alongside the programme. You will need to be able to commit to two days of training every 3-4 weeks and work shadowing opportunities. If your employment is short term and you are available to take part in October 2021 then you may still be eligible. Please email to discuss your individual circumstance with a member of our Pathways team. As places for the Pathways Academy are limited we may prioritise applications from individuals who are not in employment.

How can I apply to be on the programme?

To apply for the CAE Pathways programme, download and complete our Pathways programme application form. Once completed, please email your application form to