Access Design Appraisals

One of the consultancy services CAE offers is our design appraisal service, which can help you streamline the design and construction process by thinking about inclusion from the outset. We are flexible, knowledgeable and highly experienced with design appraisal projects of all types and sizes.

Access Design Appraisals are desktop reviews of proposed new build, refurbishment or capital works offering inclusive input from the start to shape the design and avoiding costly retrospective changes needed once built.

Often we are involved throughout the RIBA stages of a design and build of a building working with the design team and architects to ensure an inclusive building can be jointly developed.

Our design appraisals are pan-disability i.e. they take into account a range of disabilities including physical, sensory, cognitive, and learning impairments.

We are able to assist throughout the whole design process producing access statements and access strategies for Planning and Building Control whilst identifying critical areas, suggesting simple and best practice improvements and solutions. This will help to ensure that your design incorporates the very highest standards of accessibility, safety, quality and reliability.

Please contact us and talk through your requirements.

Our client list and case studies pages give an idea of the types of work we have carried out including examples of design appraisals.