Changing Places 10th Anniversary Special free to download

Published: 28 Jun 2016

Tuesday 19 July will be the 10 year anniversary of the Changing Places campaign. Working with Consortium members, supporters, sponsor AVESO and others, CAE was privileged to produce a 10th Anniversary Special booklet to commemorate this exciting milestone.

The booklet celebrates hundreds of individual and organisational campaigners who have worked to make over 840 Changing Places facilities a reality across the UK. It shares people’s stories of how these accessible WCs have enriched their lives, explains how Changing Places came to be and why the size specifications are so important.

You can download your own copy for free or browse all of CAE’s free publications through our website.

If you’d like a printed copy sent to you, please contact:


Phone 020 7696 6019

Download and read the Changing Places 10th anniversary

Look out for news about the Changing Places 10th Anniversary celebration in London on 19 July, which is soon to be announced!

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