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CAE provides strategic and operational support to clients in all of these areas in the following ways:

1. Management Policies, Practices and Procedures

  • Helping clients to develop and revise existing management policies and procedures and assisting in the communication and understanding of practices to support these
  • Contributing and reviewing of Equality Schemes
  • Structure, development and ongoing maintenance of the Access Statement as a living document
  • Creation of Accessibility Manuals

2. Staff Attitudes and Awareness

  • Providing staff training in accessibility and disability awareness
  • Preparation of induction handbooks and training programmes
  • Generating and reviewing staff manuals and guides on disability issues
  • Delivering workshops for front-of-house staff
  • Auditing of management policies in practice

3. Communication

  • Undertaking literature and document reviews for style, alternative formats, suitability for purpose
  • Advising on the types of technology which should be readily available, and maintenance, storage and testing arrangements
  • Conducting website accessibility audits using standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium
  • Generation of audio guides

4. Design and Management of the Built Environment

  • Assisting clients in rationalising their property portfolio based on accessibility
  • Design appraisal of new buildings and refurbishment plans
  • Assisting clients in developing their accessibility standards – eg. Colour palettes, corporate signage, meeting room standards etc
  • Auditing of existing buildings (see Auditing methodology)
  • Generating handbooks on inclusive practices for Facilities teams
  • Training in inclusive design and management principles
  • Contributing to the Access Statement and Accessibility Manual for the building