Inclusive information

CAE can advise on the design of user-centred information. Literature, brochure and document appraisals allow clients to ensure that their communications are accessible to widest range of potential users, including people who may have visual, hearing and cognitive impairments and learning difficulties such as dyslexia.

A review may cover:

  •        Fonts, sizes and layout
  •        Use of language to improve clarity
  •        Logo design
  •        Use of images
  •        Incorporation of tables and references
  •        Tactile information
  •        Visual and colour contrast
  •        Cognitive mapping
  •        Wayfinding and signage reviews
  •        Accessible formats (such as braille, audio and easy read) – when to consider, types and availability.

Inclusive design meets the needs of the widest possible range of users. It takes into account all types of reading activity from casual browsing to detailed analysis and looks at the way in which information is relayed. This affects correct interpretation, the ability to follow instructions, speed of reading, and levels of understanding.

We are flexible, knowledgeable and highly experienced with inclusive information projects of all types and sizes. Please feel free to contact us and talk through your requirements.

Our client list and case studies pages give an idea of the types of work we have carried out including examples of design appraisals.