Inclusive Hotels Network (IHN)

About IHN

Hoteliers, B & B owners and other guest room operators who are aware of the Equality Act may not know how to go about making their accommodation inclusive, not just for the purpose of avoiding legal action but for the comfort of all of their guests.

The guidance of Approved Document M, BS 8300 and other publications are aimed at construction industry professionals. Even if operators are aware of their existence, they are unlikely to be able to interpret the the regulations and standards to make decisions about inclusive environments.

The Inclusive Hotels Network first convened to address this knowledge gap. Founded in 2012, the group now meets each month to discuss ideas and generate guidance and case studies. Working with hotel operators, access consultants, occupational therapists, product designers and others, we meet monthly to share knowledge, experience and ideas.

All members give their time, expertise and ideas free of charge, so we are grateful for the ongoing, essential support of CAE who provide an accessible venue (as do ARUP and the Guildhall) and web presence. The group is led by Rachael Marshall and meetings are usually hosted at CAE or ARUP.

Guidance documents are the tangible results of our meetings; Access to Hotels for People with Hearing Loss was first published in November 2016 and later updated in October 2017 (by Chris Harrowell and the IHN). The Use of Hoists in Guest Accommodation was published in October 2017 and updated in 2018.A comprehensive resource about sanitary facilities in guest accommodation is currently in development, which will complement the guidance on the subject in BS 8300-2: 2018.

You can find out more and download our guidance publications here.

The brief

With the increased demand for accessible hotels and sleeping accommodation to cater for people with a range of disabilities and user needs (including families), there is a need to explore how access to, and use of, accessible bedrooms can be as inclusive as possible to all guests while also understanding client needs and requirements for a room that can be let to all.


Guidance publications and case studies:

How to join IHN

If you would like to join the network, find out more or have comments on the guidance documents please contact Rachael and Shannon.

You can also visit IHN on LinkedIn and follow the group on Twitter.