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The Centre for Accessible Environments (CAE) has been a leading authority on inclusive design for over 50 years. We provide consultancy, training, research and publications on building design and management to meet all user needs, including disabled and older people.

An introduction to access and inclusive design – live online course

The principles and practicalities of access and inclusive design are brought to life by our experienced trainers. This course is an ideal starting point for anyone interested in improving their knowledge and understanding around access and inclusive design in relation to the built environment.

Access auditing and the Equality online course – live online course

Our popular Access auditing and the Equality online course is ideal for anyone considering NRAC accreditation, or looking to develop access auditing skills alongside an understanding of building management practices. Participants carry out access design appraisals and access audits in supervised exercises.

Be one of the next generation of access talent

If you’re aged 18-30, disabled and living in London, CAE’s Pathways Academy is a 12 month programme that can give you the confidence, skills and support you need to kick start your career in inclusive design and access. Try a taster day on 29 June or 27 July.

Iterative process ensures a fully inclusive design for Royal Academy of Music

Read about the access consultancy work we carried out for Ian Ritchie Architects to ensure that the revitalisation of the Royal Academy of Music’s performance space led to a truly inclusive space for all visitors.

Free access advice for London not for profits

Our Access and Sustainability Advisory Service (ASAS) is free for voluntary and community groups in London and provides advice on how to make groups’ premises more accessible to everyone, and grant application support for improvements. 

Access audit training in Guernsey

Watch CAE trainer talk about how CAE’s Access Audit course has empowered people in Guernsey to support the new Equalities legislation. So far we have trained 49 people and are due to deliver our sixth round of training later his year.


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Access and Wayfinding in the Pedestrian Environment - Live Online Course
May 25, 2022 10:30 am - 3:30 pm

Access and Wayfinding in the Pedestrian Environment - Live Online Course

This course will help participants to recognise the key factors required to design accessible pedestrian environments and understand requirements relating to navigation, orientation and way‑finding to enhance the accessibility of buildings and external environments. Find out more information and how to book here.