(1)a On-plot (non-communal) parking

Where a dwelling has car parking within its individual plot (or title) boundary, at least one parking space length should be capable of enlargement to achieve a minimum width of 3300mm.


Required specification to achieve Criterion 1a (‘on plot’ parking)

If a 2400mm wide parking space has a 900mm access path (as required by Part M) adjacent to, and level with it, then this will automatically satisfy the requirement.

Where this does not occur, a parking space should have a strip of soft landscaping (or similar) adjacent to, and approximately level with it, so that this can be re-surfaced and made level with the parking space in the future, to achieve an overall parking width of 3300mm.

Whenever possible, the wider space (or potential wider space) should be at least 4800mm in length.

The entire parking space (whether pre or post widened) should have a firm surface and be level (no gradient exceeding 1:60 and/or no cross-fall for drainage exceeding 1:40).

Garages are exempt from the width / widening requirements. However, any hard-standing for a parked car, leading to any garage, should conform to the Criterion’s requirements.

Other private covered parking spaces (e.g. car ports) are also exempt from the width widening requirements unless they provide the only parking space available for a dwelling. If they provide the only parking space for the dwelling they should have a minimum clear width of 3300mm.


Good practice recommendations that exceed, or are in addition to, the above requirements

  • Increase the width or widening capability of the parking from 3300mm to 3600mm.
  • Increase the length of the widened space as much as practicable.
  • Provide all carports with a minimum clear width of 3300mm (3600mm preferred) regardless of whether or not they provide the only parking space for the dwelling.
  • Where garages are provided, provide them with a minimum clear width of 3300mm (3600mm preferred), particularly if the garage provides the only parking space for the dwelling.

General Note: Criterion 1 is not relevant to developments that do not contain any parking provision. However, consultation with the local planning department regarding parking arrangements for Lifetime Homes and wheelchair accessible properties on such developments will be required.



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