(8) Entrance level living space

Principle: Provide accessible socialising space for visitors less able to use stairs.


Criterion 8 – Entrance level living space

A living room / living space should be provided on the entrance level of every dwelling (see Appendix 1 for definition of ‘entrance level’).


Required specification to achieve Criterion 8

A living room or living space in the context of this Criterion is categorised as: Any permanent living room, living area, dining room, dining area (e.g. within a kitchen/diner), or other reception area that provides seating / socialising space for the household and visitors.

Note: In dwellings with two or more storeys, this living space may also need to provide other entrance level requirements (e.g. the temporary entrance level bed-space of Criterion 9, or the through floor lift space of Criterion 12).


Good practice recommendations that exceed, or are in addition to, the above requirements

Also provide the kitchen on the entrance level.

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