(1)b Communal or shared parking

Where parking is provided by communal or shared bays, spaces with a width of 3300mm, in accordance with the specification below, should be provided.


Required specification to achieve Criterion 1b (communal or shared parking)

Provide at least one parking space (or a greater number as determined by the local planning authority), at least 3300mm wide x 4800mm deep adjacent to (or close to) each block’s entrance or lift core.

Where some dwellings in a development are designated as “wheelchair housing”, any specific parking for such dwellings should be in addition to those provided in respect of this Lifetime Home Criterion.

The access route between the parking and communal entrance (or in the case of basement parking, the lift core) should maintain a minimum clear width of 1200mm.


Good practice recommendations that exceed, or are in addition to, the above requirements

  • Increase the width of these spaces from 3300mm to 3600mm.
  • Increase the length of these spaces from 4800mm to 6000mm.
  • Where feasible, design the communal parking layout and adjacent spaces to enable some further additional spaces to be widened in the future.
  • Where a Local Planning Authority wishes to ensure that adequate parking provision is made for disabled people they may wish to consider a planning condition that requires a Parking Management Plan (see Appendix 2).

General Note: Criterion 1 is not relevant to developments that do not contain any parking provision. However, consultation with the local planning department regarding parking arrangements for Lifetime Homes and wheelchair accessible properties on such developments will be required.



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