(16) Location of service controls

Principle: Locate regularly used service controls, or those needed in an emergency, so that they are usable by a wide range of household members – including those with restricted movement and limited reach.


Criterion (16) – Location of service controls Service controls should be within a height band of 450mm to1200mm from the floor and at least 300mm away from any internal room corner.


Required specification to achieve Criterion 16

Any service control needed to be operated or read on a frequent basis, or in an emergency, should be included within the height band of 450mm – 1200mm from the floor and at least 300mm away from any internal corner.

For example, this would include the following: Electrical switches & sockets, TV / telephone / computer points, consumer service units, central heating thermostatic and programming controls, radiator temperature control valves, and mains water stop taps/controls.


Good practice recommendations that exceed, or are in addition to, the above requirements

  • Locate the different types of service controls within the more specific height bands as detailed in BS8300:2009 Figure 26.
  • Whenever possible, locate similar controls in consistent locations throughout the dwelling.
  • Specify taps that are operable by people with less hand dexterity.
  • Provide controls that give tonal contrast against their surroundings. Provide fused spurs to assist with potential future adaptations (e.g. future provision of stair lift, through floor lift, and shower).


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