(9) Potential for entrance level bed-space

Principle: Provide space for a member of the household to sleep on the entrance level if they are temporarily unable to use stairs (e.g. after a hip operation).


Criterion (9) Potential for entrance level bed-space

In dwellings with two or more storeys, with no permanent bedroom on the entrance level, there should be space on the entrance level that could be used as a convenient temporary bed-space.


Required specification to achieve Criterion 9

The definition of entrance level in the context of this Criterion is as defined in Appendix 1.

A corner of a room that can accommodate a single bed with a 750mm wide space to one side of the bed is suitable as a temporary bed space. This area should be capable of being screened (with a portable screen) from the rest of the room. Provision of an electrical socket within the space is required.

This space is typically provided in the corner of a living room following rearrangement of the furniture – however, the living room should remain functional (despite a compromised layout). A dining room or dining area can also provide for the temporary bed space as long as the dining function can continue (or be relocated elsewhere). However, providing this facility within a dining space of a kitchen/diner provides the least convenient arrangement and should be avoided whenever possible.

*Note: This temporary bed-space, and the identified through floor lift space of Criterion 12, may overlap – as the temporary bed space will not be required if a through floor lift is available.


Good practice recommendations that exceed, or in addition to, the above requirements

  • Provision of a window for ventilation and a heat source within the space would be beneficial.
  • A layout which provides potential for a suitable recess / area that is easier to screen and provides better separation from the remaining room is beneficial.


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