(13) Potential for fitting of hoists and bedroom / bathroom

Principle: Assist with independent living by enabling convenient movement between bedroom and bathroom facilities for a wide range of people.


13 – Potential for future fitting of hoists and bedroom / bathroom relationship

Structure above a main bedroom and bathroom ceilings should be capable of supporting ceiling hoists and the design should provide a reasonable route between this bedroom and the bathroom.


Required specification to achieve Criterion 13

Structure above ceiling finishes over a main (twin or double) bedroom and over the bathroom should be capable of supporting, or capable of adaptation to support, the future installation of single point hoists above the bed, bath and WC.

This bedroom and bathroom should be on the same storey level. This storey (unless at entrance level) should have potential for access via the through floor lift (see Criterion 12). This bathroom should also satisfy the requirements of Criterion 14. The route between this bedroom and bathroom should not pass through any living / habitable room or area.


Good practice recommendations that exceed, or are in addition to, the above requirements

Locate this bedroom and bathroom adjacent to each other with a connecting full height ‘knock out panel’ sufficient to form a direct doorway with a minimum clear opening width of 900mm between the two rooms, or have a direct (en-suite) link with a minimum clear doorway opening of 900mm from the outset.

Where locating these two rooms adjacent to each other is not practicable, have their doorways adjacent to each other, or opposite each other.

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